The codevelopment of community involvement and generative concern pathways in emerging and young adulthood.

In this longitudinal Canadian study, we investigated the relationship between the developmental trajectories of community involvement and generative concern measured at ages 23, 26, and 32. Participants completed a questionnaire on youth involvement, the Youth Involvement Inventory (YII), and the Loyola Generativity Scale (LGS) at all 3 ages. A latent growth model (LGM) of community involvement predicting time-specific variance in the LGS revealed that: (a) higher levels of community involvement at age 23 predicted greater generative concern at ages 23 and 26, but not at age 32; (b) there were 3 specific indirect paths linking age 23 community involvement to age 32 generativity through earlier assessments of age 23 and age 26 generative concern; and finally (c) a more positive slope of community involvement over time predicted higher levels of generative concern at age 32. These findings suggest that early involvement in community commitments, and increases in community involvement across emerging adulthood, may lead individuals down a path toward a more generative personality in young adulthood. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2018 APA, all rights reserved)