Narcissism, collective efficacy, and satisfaction in self-managed teams: The moderating role of team goal orientation.

The current study examined: (a) the association of narcissism with team member perceptions of collective efficacy and satisfaction, and (b) a multilevel framework in which the associations of narcissism with collective efficacy and satisfaction were dependent on team level goal-orientation. To accomplish our goal, we gathered data from 206 students who formed 35 self-managed teams. Narcissism, satisfaction, and perceptions of collective efficacy were examined at the individual level. Goal orientations were examined at the team level. Multilevel models using hierarchical linear modeling (HLM) were employed to analyze these data. Results demonstrated a significant main effect of narcissism for collective efficacy, but not for satisfaction. Additionally, team goal orientation moderated the narcissism–collective efficacy, and narcissism–satisfaction relationships such that narcissist team members reported (a) the highest levels of collective efficacy in teams with high levels of performance-prove goals, and (b) lowest levels of satisfaction in teams with low levels of performance-avoidance goals. Implications of these findings are discussed. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2018 APA, all rights reserved)