Henry Gleitman (1925–2015).

Presents an obituary of Henry Gleitman (1925–2015). Gleitman was an author of major papers in animal learning, memory, theater, and the psychology of language, including one book with Lila Gleitman (Phrase and Paraphrase, 1970). Gleitman was among the very best teachers in the history of psychology. He taught introductory psychology about 100 times, engaging the minds of some 30,000 students, each exposed to his enlightening, expansive, and entertaining synthesis of psychology. Gleitman came to the University of Pennsylvania in 1964 as Professor and Chair of Psychology. Over a 5-year period, he shaped the department into a first-rate teaching center for both undergraduate and graduate students, and demonstrated the compatibility and mutually reinforcing values of teaching and research. The University of Pennsylvania was uniquely blessed to count him among its faculty for 50 years (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2018 APA, all rights reserved)