Assessing religious support in Christian adolescents: Initial validation of the Multi-Faith Religious Support Scale-Adolescent (MFRSS-A).

The Multi-Faith Religious Support Scale-Adolescent (MFRSS-A) was psychometrically assessed with Christian adolescents (N = 500, ages 12—19). Then, relationships between religious support and emotional functioning were examined. The MFRSS-A was adapted from the adult scale (MFRSS; Bjorck & Maslim, 2011). It includes 3 subscales respectively measuring support from adolescents’ God concept, their religious leaders, and peers sharing their faith. Factor analyses supported this 3-factor model. Alpha levels supported the subscales’ internal consistencies. Each type of religious support was related to lower hopelessness and greater life satisfaction, and these relationships remained significant for each even after controlling for variance due to the other 2 religious support types, age, gender, religious attendance, and parental social support. As with adults, it appears that religious support can provide unique resources for Christian adolescents. Findings are discussed in terms of potential intervention efforts for Christian youth and future assessment with other faith groups. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2019 APA, all rights reserved)