Addressing the impact of racism on veterans of color: A race-based stress and trauma intervention.

Objective: Veterans of color represent a unique intersection of individuals at risk of experiencing racialized discrimination during their military service and of developing negative mental health outcomes. At the same time, there has been little guidance for Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) health-care providers in how to address these clinical issues in a culturally competent manner. This article describes a group-based intervention targeting race-based stress and trauma among veterans implemented at 4 different sites. Method: The authors describe the development and application of this intervention, including information about development of the group and general aims as well as the process of implementing the group across settings. Results: The authors address broad factors to consider when implementing the group, including navigating diversity dimensions within the group and addressing provider cultural competence and identity. Finally, the authors review recommendations for future directions for implementing the group within and outside of a VA setting, seeking institutional support for the group, and developing measures to assess the efficacy of the group. Conclusions: The intervention described in this article has the potential to serve as a model for development of similar interventions both within VA health-care centers and non-VA health-care settings. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2018 APA, all rights reserved)